Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I don't want my husband/wife/lover to know my dark secrets.
What shows up on the credit card bill if I join?”
A: Your statement will say "" or some closely related variant thereof, and there will be a customer service # to contact.
Q: “My password doesn't work! What do I do?"
A: A common problem with site access is not using the correct case. If you chose BAseBaLL as your password, you have to type BAseBaLL EXACTLY to access the site. Typing baseball will NOT work, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. If your username/password combination still doesn't work, then please try to retrieve/refresh your membership information using the following links.


Q: “I want to talk to a real person right now!”
A: The vast majority of our transactions are handled by Netbilling 1-888-501-6494. Any memberships not handled by netbilling are most likely handled by Epoch 1-800-893-8871 They can answer any questions about your membership, cancel your membership, anything that needs to be done.
Q: “Will my e-mail address/credit card information stay confidential?”
A: It is our opinion that spam is one of the worst things that have happened to the internet. We will not sell member email addresses, and we will not share your credit information. Using a credit card at our sites is safer than using it at your local grocery store.
Q: “I hate porn! I don't know what I was thinking! Can I get a refund?”
A: If you purchased a trial membership, then as long as you cancel your trial membership before the trial period expires, you will NOT be billed the monthly membership fee. We will give refunds in case of broken video feeds that can't be quickly fixed, or certain other extreme circumstances, but the best thing to do if you just don't like what you see on our sites is to cancel your membership and billing will be stopped immediately.

Terms and Conditions

The small print. Written by lawyers, for lawyers. Outlines EXACTLY what our obligations are as an Internet merchant and yours as the consumer using our services.

Our Privacy Policy

An explanation of what information we collect and what we do and do NOT do with it.

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